Responsible care for your swimwear

When you invest in swimwear you want it to last as long as possible. Thanks to lockdown more and more of us are looking to environmentally friendly ways to do our everyday household chores, and that also includes how to care for your swimwear. 
Most of our Summer Dreams Swimwear pieces are made from a nylon and spandex blend. This is because this material performs beautifully in and out of water, and flatters any figure thanks to our double lined designs. 

The best way to care for your swimwear is to avoid machine washing all together! Whilst this may seem like a quick fix solution, it will reduce your swimwears longevity. Machine washing is incredibly hard on this soft material, and it also causes tiny particles called microplastics to fleck off the material and get into the water system. Unless you have a special microplastic or microfibre bag to wash your clothes in, handwashing in a small volume of water is the best way to avoid this.
To help retain the colour in the suit hand rinse it before wearing. Then wash your suit by hand rinsing it in fresh cold water as soon as possible after wearing it in a pool or the ocean. 

To dry it, lay your swimwear flat and out of direct sunlight to dry. 
If your swimwear is wrinkled, whatever you do, don’t iron it! Ironing the material will melt it thus disform it. Let it hang in a steamy bathroom instead.
Sunscreen, tanning cream, or chlorine can damage and discolor suits over time, so use caution to limit exposure of these products to your suit.
We want you to look and feel great when wearing your Summer Dreams Swimwear, so by responsibly caring for your swimwear, that feeling should last forever!